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ORIF Bimalleolar Equivalent Ankle Fracture Subluxation with Dynamic Syndesmotic Fixation

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Erik Freeland, Joseph M. Legato, Megan O'Connell

This video demonstrates the surgical technique for open reduction and internal fixation of a bimalleolar equivalent ankle fracture subluxation with syndesmotic injury and deltoid ligament rupture. Included are lateral and anteromedial surgical approaches to the ankle, placement of two lag screws (3.0 mm fully-threaded cortical) and a 1/3rd tubular plate on the fibula, reduction and use of a suture button device to dynamically fixate the syndesmosis, and repair of the deltoid ligament with suture anchor fixation. Also demonstrated is bone marrow stimulation of a traumatic osteochondral lesion of the talus visualized during the procedure.