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Valgus Intertrochanteric Osteotomy for Femoral Neck Nonunion

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Edgar Araiza, Eddie Hasty, Jason Halvorson, Alex Jinnah, Alejandro Marquez-Lara, Suman Medda, Holly Pilson

This video demonstrates the technique of utilizing a valgus intertrochanteric osteotomy for femoral neck fracture nonunion. We review the rationale, indications, preoperative planning and operative technique of this procedure. The patient is a 44-year-old female who sustained a femoral neck fracture and underwent open reduction and internal fixation with a fixed-angle sliding screw construct which progressed to nonunion. By performing a valgus intertrochanteric osteotomy, we were able to correct the patient’s varus deformity and decrease the shear forces across the fracture nonunion in order to promote healing.