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Percutaneous Retrograde Supracondylar Femoral Nailing

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B. Dilworth, P. Gold, H. Maniar, David Seligson, C. Wright, Rodolfo Zamora

This video demonstrates a minimally invasive percutaneous technique for a supracondylar retrograde femoral nail. This technique is preferred in older patients with supra or intercondylar fractures of the distal femur. The surgery is undertaken on a standard radiolucent bed with a radiolucent triangle. Bumps and manual traction are utilized to obtain the reduction. Small stab incisions are used to gain access to the knee joint under fluoroscopy. A minimally invasive percutaneous nailing is done under image intensification with minimal soft tissue damage without compromising the reduction or duration of surgery. This techniques requires an specific set for supracondylar femoral nail.