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Multiple Rib Non-Union: ORIF and Iliac Crest Bone Graft Aspirate

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John Begly, Dalibel Bravo, Daniel Kaplan, Nirmal C. Tejwani

This video demonstrates an ORIF of 3 broken ribs, initially treated non-operatively that went on to non-union, along with relevant case history and presentation, as well useful background information on anatomy, indications, complications, and outcomes.

After dissection and exposure of the non-union sites, contoured rib plates were used for fixation, with three screws placed on each side of the non-union, per plate (total 6 screws per plate). This was done for each fracture.

For bone grafting, the Iliac crest was aspirated and mixed with cancellous bone chips. This was then placed at non-union sites.