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17th Annual Current Solutions in Orthopaedic Trauma

Held in Tampa, Florida, on November 15-17, 2019, this conference enabled orthopaedic trauma specialists to learn about new treatments, technologies, and trends taught by leading experts in orthopaedic trauma. Attendees had the opportunity to improve their knowledge of current concepts through didactic presentations and case-based discussions, as well as hands-on bioskills labs led by a distinguished faculty.

Specific topics of discussion included:

  • Emerging vs. traditional techniques in trauma care
  • Foot, ankle, femoral neck, and intertrochanteric fractures
  • How orthobiologics can help in the healing process
  • Strategies for preventing infection

All sessions may be found within the Annual Meetings & Conferences Video Library

  • Available June 4, 2020:
    • Lateral Plateau Fractures
    • Medial & Combined Fractures
    • Bone Graft Substitutes - State of the Art
    • Supra-Patellar Nailing: Techniques & Outcomes
    • Reduction Tricks: Plates, Distractors, & Fibula
    • Masquelet - State of the Art
    • Case Presentations with Faculty Panel
    • Providing Successful Surgical Care in a Developing Country
    • Posterior Malleolar Injuries in Ankle (Not Pilon) Fractures
    • Syndesmotic Injuries: Implants & Reduction - State of the Art
    • Talus Fractures & AVN Treatment Pearls
    • Calcaneous Fractures & the Benefits of Sinus Tarsi Approach
    • Lisfranc's: To Fix or to Fuse & Does it Matter?
  • Available June 26, 2020:
    • Hip Dislocations & Pelvic Injuries: EUA & Need to Treat
    • Pearls of Conversion: Elderly Acetabular Fractures to THR
    • Algorithm for Femoral Neck Fracture Treatment
    • Open Plate Reduction for Pauwels Fractures
    • Proximal Femur Discussion with Faculty Panel
    • Intertroch Fractures: Is There Any Reason to Still Use Plates?
    • Intertroch Fractures: All Nails Are Not the Same
    • Shaft Fractures: Retrograde Fixation is Easier & Better
    • Shaft Fractures, Piriformis, or Trochanteric Start
    • Shaft + Femoral Neck Fractures: What to Look For & What to Do
    • Hip Fractures Discussion and Case Presentations with Faculty Panel
  • Available July 17, 2020:
    • Humeral Shaft Fractures: Is Brace Treatment Dead? 
    • Humeral Shaft Fractures: How & When to Treat Surgically
    • Proximal Humerus Fracture: How to Treat
    • Four Part Fractures: Is There a Role for Fixation?
    • Four Part Fractures: Replacement - State of the Art
    • Clavicle Fractures: State of the Art
    • Shoulder Debates Case Presentations with Faculty Panel
    • Distal Radius Fractures in the Elderly: Benign Neglect?
    • Distal Radius Fractures: ORIF - State of the Art
    • Terrible Triad: What Is It & How Do I Fix It?
    • Fractures of the Elbow & Wrist Discussion with Faculty Panel
    • Pediatric Supracondylar Elbow Fractures
    • Fractures of the Elbow Case Presentations with Faculty Panel
    • Should You Nail or Plate Acute Fractures & Why?
    • Distal Femoral Non-Unions: Treatment Options
    • Fractures Above a Total Knee: Why Plates Are the Solution
    • Fractures Above a Total Knee: Why a Nail Is the Solution
    • Fractures Below a Total Hip: What Are the Options?
    • Distal Femur and Peri-Prosthetic Fractures Discussion with Faculty Panel
    • Distal Femur and Peri-Prosthetic Fractures Case Presentations with Faculty Panel