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ORIF of the Clavicle

This video discusses the open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) of a displaced clavicle fracture and shows the anterior-inferior plating technique for this fracture. The preoperative radiographs show a displaced clavicle. The operative plan is to perform an open reduction followed by internal fixation of the displaced clavicle. The standard incision is made along the anterior-inferior border of the clavicle. The fracture has three main fragments: the medial fragment, the central butterfly fragment, and the lateral fragment. The fractured fragments are reduced and fixed using reduction clamps. Screws of appropriate length are placed along the anterior-inferior border of the clavicle. Precontoured plates of appropriate length are selected. The anterior-inferior plate is applied medial to the acromioclavicular joint. The superior plate is applied 90 degree to the anterior-inferior plate. The plates are secured with multiple screws. Multi-layer wound closure is done. Postoperative radiographs show the plate covering the entire length of the clavicle.