We dedicate this Eighth Edition of Rockwood and Green’s: Fractures in Adults to Charles A. Rockwood, Jr, MD, and David P. Green, MD, who served as our inspiration and mentors for carrying on the revision and update of this textbook. 
To Susan for her patience and understanding during my 30-year tenure on the editorial board. 
To the future: Emily, Jessica, and Rosie. 
To my children Sacha, Tyler, Robbin, and Everett for enriching my life every day, and my partner Niloofar for her love and support. 
To Caroline, Elizabeth, and William without whom life would be easier but much less fun. 
To Ann, Michael, and Luke, my reasons for being, for their patience, love, and support. 
To my mother Phyllis, who found the best in people, had compassion for all, and whose insight, guidance, and love have always made me believe that anything is possible.