This book has immense value for practicing pediatric and general orthopedic surgeons because our authors are willing to share their expertise openly and honestly. Each chapter has a complete and fair review of the literature, well-illustrated cases, and technical tips on how to avoid and treat unintended complications. We are indebted to our authors for their hard work and timely completion of their chapters. 
The staff at Lippincott Williams and Wilkins provided excellent support and guidance. As times have changed their industry, they have adapted and reorganized to bring to all of us another outstanding edition of this text. Specifically, we thank Brian Brown who took over for Bob Hurley and seamlessly led this project; Dave Murphy, who had added responsibility but still managed to get it done so well; and to Abhishan Sharma for his assistance in organization of a unified final product. Personnel at our respective institutions kept each of us on task. We recognize their outstanding assistance in the timely and professional completion of this book. Specifically, Jim Koepfler, Virginia Brunelle, Rebecca Baron, Daryl MaClaren, and Jenny Martinez. 
John (Jack) M. Flynn 
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