I want to acknowledge my wife Mary and children Erin, Colleen, John, and Kelly for patience and understanding while I dedicated many hours to this project. They understand that Dad has homework too. Also, I would like to recognize the injured children, medical students, residents, and fellows who count on this textbook to be the trusted source of information for fracture care; their needs are the inspiration that drive us to create an excellent final product. 
Jack Flynn 
I want to most of all thank my wife Val for her never-ending support, and tolerance of when I am “too busy”. Thanks to my children Clay, Jamie, and Kira for being good friends, helping me with work-life balance, and assisting me with the many children who come to our home with injuries. And thanks to my PA Alison and nurse Elaine who take such good care of my patients. 
David L. Skaggs 
I wish to thank my wife Janet, expanding family of James, Rebecca, Billy, and Izzy, They, along with our unique collection of friends, supported me doing the binge work of this book early in the morning, on our vacations and reported free time together before the real fun began. And of course, my partners and patients who constantly teach me about fracture care every day. 
Peter M. Waters